Nations’ school to resume on February 4

Director of Nations, Dr Brian O’Toole
Nations Director Dr Brian O’Toole

School of the Nations will remain closed for the remainder of this week the school’s administration said in a release until proper security measures are put in place to ensure of the safety of students and teachers of the educational facility.

This came after Principal of the School was shot outside of his home on Sunday night after which a student of the said facility who is being sought by Police made several threats via a Facebook post.

The School is however set to resume on February 4 2018 and the school’s administration is meeting with parents to seek a way forward.

Nations Prinicipal, Brian O’Toole was reportedly shot twice in the arm near the front door of his residence.

The shooting came following an emergency meeting held Sunday afternoon following the incident whereby a student threatened to shoot up the school.

In a statement following the shooting, had promised “We once again assure you that our primary concern is for our students and staff and we will ensure that adequate measures are put in place”.

O’Toole is said to be recovering well at this time.



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