National Park reopens today


The Protected Areas Commission (PAC) has announced that the National Park will be reopened to the general public as of today (Friday).

According to PAC, the park will be opened from 6:30h to 17:00h from Monday to Friday but will remain closed on weekends.

In order to keep the public and staff safe, visitors will only be allowed through the Thomas Road and Carifesta Avenue gates – the Albert Street entrance will remain closed to the public.

Further, admission to the park will depend on the number of persons already in the park so as to ensure that social distancing is adhered to and maintained at all times. Besides, walking and jogging will be done in an anti-clockwise direction.

Also, no contact sport, cycling, or special events will be allowed during this phase. The athletic/sports fields, tarmac, and PlayLand will remain closed. Primary School-aged children and those below, must be accompanied and supervised by adults at all times.

Moreover, all dogs must be kept on a leash while no gathering of more than five persons at any time in any area of the Park would be permitted. As such, the Park encouraged patrons to avoid unnecessary loitering or lingering.

PAC also noted that parking will be free as a measure to reduce human to human contact. Additional sanitization measures will be in place – two sanitized washrooms will be available to the public, and all staff will continue to follow sanitization protocols.

The Commission concluded by encouraging patrons to use the Park wisely and adhere to the guidelines while reaming mindful of each other, and complete one’s exercise routine within a reasonable time to ensure others can benefit from the use of the park.

The Botanical Gardens, Zoo, and Joe Vieira Park will remain closed to the public until further notice.

The PAC had closed these public spaces on April 1, in an effort to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).