National Library launches initiative to teach uneducated persons to read and write


The National Library in collaboration with the National Centre for Education Resource Development (NCERD) launched an initiative called “Smart Skills Pilot Programme” which is intended to help persons with poor literacy skills.

Guyana’s Ministry of Education states that a significant number of students do not reach an acceptable level of literacy.

There are many individuals, young and old, employed and unemployed, who have difficulties reading, writing, speaking and understanding.

As such the Smart Skills Pilot Programme aims to teach those persons how to effectively apply literacy skills.

The initiative is divided into several modules. There is a class focused on basic reading and understanding for adults, another regarding the filling out of forms and one about the recognition and signing of names.

The classes are being held at the Library’s Georgetown Centre. But plans are afoot to roll out the project at its rural centres.

Some of persons being targeted are vendors and janitors. Young entrepreneurs are also targeted, since the training seeks to boost their confidence and intellect.



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