National Geographic team: ‘We have seen many places but none as beautiful as Guyana’


A team from the National Geographic Magazine has described Guyana as one of the nicest, unspoilt countries in the world, and a gem that has to be discovered.

Journalist Marco Barneveld and photographer, Rene Kaster, are in Guyana on a Familiarisation Tour (Fam Tour) hosted by the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) in observance of Tourism Awareness Month. The team departs Guyana today, having arrived on November 7.

Barneveld said that he has been enjoying Guyana tremendously. “It’s one of the nicest unspoiled countries we have been to. One thing that must be said here that we were seduced by your rum to come here.”

Marco Barneveld, Journalist from National Geographic

Marco Barneveld, Journalist from National Geographic

The journalist said he and his photographer were in Alaska and they were having a conversation about rum and were trying to decide which rum is better. He said a Guyanese was present during that conversation and asked “if we have ever tried this rum and we tried it and were left speechless,” he stated. He noted that the rum was not the main reason why they should visit, but “it was definitely the push.”

Barneveld explained that they have seen Georgetown and the Interior and they have also been to Costa Rica, which has many American tourists and, “frankly I don’t understand why they are not coming here.  It’s a non-spoiled gem that has to be discovered!”

Kaster noted that he was surprised by the beauty of this country and pointed out that he has seen many places but none “so beautiful as Guyana”. Kaster also noted the hospitality of the people of the communities that they visited. “The people are great as well, how they talk to you, how they behave, how they look at you, the humor they use and they are very friendly.”


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