National body to be set up to assist small miners

File photo of mining pit

A national body of syndicates is expected to be established by the end of the year as more small miners express enthusiasm over the syndicate initiative, GINA said.

Over the weekend, Minister within the Ministry of Natural Resources, Simona Broomes made the revelation when she met with miners in Parika and then Mahdia.

According to GINA, the national syndicate will bring together all the organisations to support each other. “I think the support of each other for the syndicates is very important, they can learn best practices and they can share ideas, opportunities and all of that,” Broomes was quoted by GINA as saying.

The Minister explained that two members, from each syndicate will sit on the national body. The representatives of these syndicates will elect their own executive and meet bi-monthly.

The syndicate initiative is part of the Ministry’s efforts to provide mining land to small miners.  Minister Broomes has lead responsibility for the project and is expected to visit the Region One mining district to inform small miners there about the project.


  1. A Regional Tax on all gold and diamonds produced in that specific region/area(e.g Mahadia or Kurupung or Kamarang or Aranka etc) should be deducted to go towards the development of infrastructure such as paved or better roads, providing of electricity, potable water, better schools, security, recreational facilities etc for the citizens in the area where this gold and diamond was produced.


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