National Assembly security breached again, this time by singing woman


The National Assembly was breached again on Thursday when a woman who mysteriously passed through security started to sing “God is watching us” after Speaker Dr Barton Scotland ended the morning’s session of the budget estimates.

The singing woman being escorted out of the National Assembly

The woman, who gave her name as Natalie McLennan, was reportedly seated in the Parliamentary Chambers on the Government’s side and was quickly led out of the Chambers by security.

However, her voice could be heard echoing as she continued to sing the said song as she was being escorted out.

McLennan reportedly told reporters that she had a right to listen to what was transpiring in the National Assembly.

The first security breach at the National Assembly was caused just recently by a woman dressed as Santa Claus who barged into the Chambers from the Government side and was heading towards leader of the Opposition Dr Bharrat Jagdeo during his budget presentation.

The woman was later identified as a secretary to a Government Minister.

On Wednesday two plain clothes Police officers posing as journalists were ordered to leave the National Assembly.


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