NAMILCO advises customers to cease “panic buying” of flour


The National Milling Company of Guyana Incorporated (NAMILCO) is urging its customers to end their panic buying of flour.

In a notice to the public, NAMILCO indicated that the hoarding of flour is not endorsed at this time.

The company assured that with the normal buying pattern, there would be a constant supply of Thunderbolt and Maid Marian products.

Apart from this, NAMILCO indicated that prices remain the same for their products, and implored retailers to maintain the same prices.

“Namilco is advising all customers and consumers that there should be no panic buying or hoarding of flour. We guarantee you that we have adequate quantities of all Namilco Thunderbolt and Maid Marian products, providing your normal pattern of buying is maintained. We also have adequate quantities of all raw materials necessary to maintain production,” the company stated.

Meanwhile, as it relates to the virus, safety measures have been employed at the facility to ensure that staffers are kept safe from contracting the disease.

Presently, Guyana has recorded five cases of the Covid-19 virus. Ever since the announcement of the first case, Guyanese flocked the supermarkets and stores to stock up on food supplies, especially flour and canned goods. Items such as toilet paper and disinfectants were also flying off the shelves.