Nagamootoo pleads for Int’l support for Iwokrama Project

A section of the gathering at the luncheon.

By Jomo Paul

Acting President and Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo
Acting President and Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo

[] – Guyana’s local diplomatic community has been urged to rally support within their individual agencies and countries for the Iwokrama Project in Guyana.

This comes after the APNU+AFC administration had revealed that the Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation and Development continues to be plagued with financial shortfalls and has found itself in a situation where it is unable to pay staff and honor other immediate expenses.

Government, in early July, was forced to approve emergency funds at US$100,000 for the agency in light of its problems.

Acting President and Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo delivered the plea at a luncheon on Friday, September 25, where he emphasized the importance of the project, not only for Guyana, but also the rest of the world.

“Iwokrama illustrates our country’s rich biodiversity, the benefits that can accrue from the sustainable use of forest resources, the accumulation of carbon stocks which are now being (priced) worldwide and the provision of eco-system services… Iwokrama is relevant both to Guyana and the world. In the framework of the 2015-2030 sustainable development agenda, it has the potential to contribute to the battle against climate change, to reduce poverty by developing low volume, high value markets for forest products and services and encourage local national and international partnerships for development.” said Nagamootoo.

A section of the gathering at the luncheon.
A section of the gathering at the luncheon.

The Acting President noted that Iwokrama has since commissioned a new business plan which will pursue the development activities within the Centre with a view to reducing its dependency on donor funding.

It was noted too that the Centre embarked on sustainable timber operations in 2015 and continues to invest in its eco-tourism business.

“At the governmental level and through diplomatic initiatives, action is being taken to have the Commonwealth and climate conscious countries enter into partnerships similar to the 2009 Guyana/Norway agreement that would be a win-win situation for all. Iwokrama’s current financial model includes funding from various sources including earned revenues from services and investments (from businesses and partners), donor funding and intellectual property and services (including eco-system services) to meet its core costs of an estimated US$1.2 million annually,” said Nagamootoo.



  1. Ho. Acting President and Prime Minister, While I humbly support your plea and request for financial request to the International; donors you first and foremost have to change the management of Iwokrama because in my opinion they are incapable of running the organisation with many failed projects such as the forestry management and sawmilling project, the unfinished Carbon Estimation project, Sustainable Utilization project from which the organisation used to pay its staff among others. Unless the management is changed then Iwokrama is doomed to failure.

  2. They have financial shortfalls and is unable to pay staff but can find 60 millions to give Nagga to fix his house and buy fancy vehicle and now he is begging other countries for help,do you have any shame Mr Primeminister?

  3. Nagamootoo pleads for Int’l support for Iwokrama Project

    Nagamoottoo and his installed PNC crowd does not get it.
    The Governments of A B C countries installed you to rule because yo told them you will do far better for the people than what the previous government was doing for them.
    You told your installers that you will give all Guyanese a good life.
    What you dummies do no understand is that private business and governments are 2 different things.
    Private business does not and will never like INSTALLED RULERS-you all must first get that through you all thick skulls.
    Private business knows what INSTALLED GOVERNMENTS are capable of.
    Installed rulers could NATIONALIZED every business overnight.
    Private business loves doing business with governments that are voted for by the people for the people and not INSTALLED BY A B C -EU countries.
    Nagamoottoo should be appealing to those that INSTALLED him and PNC to rule.


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