Nagamootoo is unpopular – PPP


AFC Member of Parliament, Moses Nagamootoo. [iNews' Photo]
AFC Member of Parliament, Moses Nagamootoo. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has noted that contrary to the much vaunted view expressed by Nagamootoo and Ramjattan that the Presidential and Prime Ministerial Candidates of the AFC must be elected at their Party Convention this has not happened.

Further, it is to be recalled that prior to his failed attempt to win support for his “Leadership or nothing” bid within the PPP, Nagamootoo had complained that the selection of the PPP’s Presidential and Prime Ministerial Candidates should have been done at a congress of the Party.

It is widely acknowledged by AFC members, supporters and sympthasiers that Nagamootoo is highly unpopular within his Party and would never be elected as the Presidential Candidate of the AFC were he to stand for such a high office at a convention of the AFC.

It is for this reason that Nagamootoo and Ramjattan have conspired against upholding the pathway to elect the Presidential and Prime Ministerial candidate of the AFC at their convention and have instead opted for the same pathway they had once openly rejected.

The AFC’s strategy conforms to that of the APNU which is to set up Nagamootoo as the gofor for PPP votes knowing that Nigel Hughes is more popular within the AFC but who will not succeed in wooing PPP voters. The strategy therefore is to set up Nagamootoo as the errand boy to woo PPP voters and then later to use him as the delivery boy to deliver whatever paltry votes the AFC may win to the APNU with the hope of increasing the joint opposition’s votes at the upcoming elections.

The PPP is convinced that this strategy will fail and will backfire on both the AFC and APNU.

The AFC is experiencing severe heat on the ground with hundreds of its supporters re-migrating back to the PPP.

The AFC has long been exposed as the hand maiden of the APNU. Thus, the hypocritical and opportunistic expression that the AFC is willing to join forces with the PPP is nothing that but a smoke screen to cover up their nefarious plan to work jointly with APNU at the upcoming election in an effort to grab political power.

Guyanese and sugar workers in particular have long recognized that the AFC is in bed with the APNU and that they have failed to deliver on their promises.

This time around both the AFC and APNU are in for a big surprise by the Guyanese electorate.



  1. Boi all of yall wrang…AFC getting $30M from APNU to split Indian votes up because who winning? it will be APNU…what yall think. But nah worry, all over i guh whey PPP get them thing guess who i see at the forefront , is them African comrades.

    The truth is, the PPP today get a balance of supporters and followers, they get a large membership of Afro-guyanese and Amerindians and mix people and they smart to concentrate on that segment because the Indian votes in not much in Guyana lots of them migrated. We can safely say over the past five years more than 50,000 gone abroad.

    What APNU should do is to let Aubrey/Vincent/Harmon run Not Granger with Amna Ally, the man still feeling his way… AFC should let Ramjattan run with Cathy and they PPP say they get Ramoutar and let Gail run. We must insist that we have a female PM this time around if the politician them serious about running Guyana and if they all say that there is need for equal rights and they respect gender equality, then put action where you mouth deh.

  2. The AFC is a boat withoiut a paddle. Why didnt Nagamootoo and Ramjattan turn up at the APNU rally the other day? Because they don’t want Indians to see then there. But they happy to go to Berbice and split the Indians. What does Nigel have to offer to get the votes? Will he go to Linden and ask the people to vote AFC and not PNC? He dare not because the PNC would be opposed to that. Everybody splitting the indiuan vote. But the Indian aint stupid.

  3. There are two kinds of politicians. Those that work for the good of the people and those that are only there for themselves. Nagamootoo falls in the latter category. All Guyanese now know that his so called association, devotion, loyalty etc with the PPP was a fake and a big fraud. The man was there for his personal expectations. He joined the AFC for the same reasons. He continues to dream. Nagamootoo is irrelevant.

  4. Nigel Hughes is even more popular that Granger right now.
    But Nigel Hughes cant gain the trust and votes of East Indians because Agricola Atrocity will follow him into all East Indian strongholds.
    Nagamoottoo is done. Nagamoottoo is an also ran. Nagamoottoo race was over from the day he walked over to AFC a vexed liar that Jagan left country for him to rule. In day to come you will see how AFC and PNC unravel before your very eyes.
    I hope PNC and AFC people dont start killing out each other.
    Let them go to the polls and allow the Guyanese people to humble them so they must never rise again to block progress.

  5. Nagamootoo, and Ramjattan are taking their instructions from the ABC countries,
    How can Granger trust Ramjattan in an alliance?

    IF Granger wants to survive. His political career, he has to remove both Ramjattan and Nagamootoo, ,grager must be more specific with these two Hungry for PRESIDENT hopeful,
    Plus they both maybe looking at the $30,000, 000 that Ramjattan saw in the wilderness,

  6. This comes across as just another racist and divisive ploy by the PPPc to confuse people into voting for them.
    They cannot campaign on their record because it is in tatters. They have broken every promise they’ve made to the nation and have severely tarnished the Guyanese image globally. Locally there has been tremendous progress in the narcotraffic industry, secretive deals in the name of the people but which benefits only a select cult within the party.
    Their abused strategy of campaigning against the long dead Forbes Burnham and promulgating race hate and fear mongering is yeilding nothing because the majority of Guyanese are suffering together from the effects of the repressive and corrupt practices of the PPPc.
    And the list of deliberate missteps and repressive acts against the nation continues.


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