Nabbed serial bandit confesses to series of armed robberies


* confesses to being member of criminal gang that terrorises East Coast Demerara corridor

Ranks of the Guyana Police Force in ‘C’ Division, have been able to solve a number of serious crimes committed within recent times, after the apprehension of a serial bandit, who was nabbed last Monday in Bare Root, having allegedly along with others, robbed an Enmore Grocer, stolen a motor car and discharged rounds at law enforcers.
arrestedThe suspect of Bare Root, East Coast Demerara, has confessed to the allegations aforementioned. He also confessed to being a member of a criminal gang who committed a series of armed robberies on the East Coast of Demerara.
Further, the Police Force in a statement said the suspect was positively identified during several identification parades conducted today, in relation to six recent armed robberies. He is slated to appear in Court tomorrow,  charged  with six counts of robbery under arms, two counts of discharging a loaded firearm with intent, and one count each of possession of arms and ammunition without licence.


  1. This man does not have a name and why is his pic not posted so we the harding working citizen can see who this wortless piece of crap is.It is because he is another APNU thug?He shall burn in hell like so many others like him.


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