NA Prisoners graduate after anger management course


By Andrew Carmichael

Some of the prisoners who successfully completed the course

Thirty- three inmates of the New Amsterdam Prison were last evening recognised after successfully completing a three-month Anger Management and Re-entry programme.

Among those who completed the course is a woman who was recently sentenced to a 98-year jail term for poisoning her two children.

Participants were chosen based on their age and length of their prison term. The program was conducted by Solutions Training Consultancy and Counseling Services.

Officer-in-charge of the New Amsterdam Prison Superintendent Deoraj Gyandat explained that the program focused on areas such as self-worth, how to deal with emotions and conflict resolution. He noted that although this is only the second batch grading from the course, he has seen a change in the prison population.

“I can see the impact it is having on the location. I can say for this year, we have not had any major incidents at the New Amsterdam Prison”, he remarked.

Managing Director of Solutions Training Consultancy and Counseling Services Wil Campbell said there were noticeable changes in the attitudes of those who participated in the twelve-week program.

Meanwhile, a similar graduation took place at the Timehri prison on Wednesday.


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