Museum of African Heritage launches Emancipation exhibition


The Linden cultural group performing a traditional African dance. [GINA Photo]
The Linden cultural group performing a traditional African dance. [GINA Photo]
The Museum of African Heritage under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport yesterday officially launched its annual emancipation celebrations and exhibition at the Square of the Revolution.

This year’s activities will be held under the theme “Honouring our heroes of 1763”.

This year marks the 175th anniversary since slavery was abolished in 1834, and the Ministry, in collaboration with the museum and the many cultural groups across the country, has planned several activities to commemorate Freedom Day.

These events will also highlight the 250th Anniversary of the Berbice Slave Uprising and 190years since the Demerara Slave Uprising.

Assistant Director of Culture Col Linden Ross told those gathered at the event that in honouring Guyana’s heroes, the people must respect the work they did and try to emulate it.

Ross also highlighted the support that the ministry has been giving to groups across the country which is intended to encourage persons to get involved in cultural activities, and at the same time, promote various aspect of Guyana’s rich heritage.

This year, 68 African Cultural groups received the sum of $7.6M from the Ministry to stage their Emancipation activities.

Ross also urged the elders not only to remember this time of the year, but to teach the children about the struggle of their ancestors. “And therefore, they too should try to achieve the success of their ancestors,” he stressed.

The Culture Ministry has also been working over the years to preserve Guyana’s national cultural heritage in various aspects such as literature, exhibitions, lectures, art, films and dance to preserve Guyana’s culture and educate the public about the country’s heritage.



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