Murder/Suicide rocks Non Pariel

The now dead couple in happier times.


By Leroy Smith


The now dead couple in happier times.
The now dead couple in happier times.

[] – A husband and his wife were found dead on Monday morning (April 28) at their Section D Non Pariel, East Coast Demerara home.

Twenty – Eight – year old Nadanie Mohan known as Michelle and Vickram Ramdin known as Vicky were found dead by relatives. They allegedly shared an abusive relationship.

iNews ( was informed that the man reportedly strangled his wife before hanging himself sometime between Saturday and Sunday. The two were last seen hugging each other as they walked out of the village on Saturday morning.

When iNews ( visited the area, persons related that the man was a very nice and easy going person who did all he could for his children and wife whom he married while she was sixteen years old.

Residents accused the woman of being unfaithful to her husband. However, at the home of the dead woman, her mother accused the man of being an abuser, as she noted that he would usually starve his children and wife.

The couple shared two children together – an 11 – year – old boy and seven – year – old girl. The eldest told the media that his father would usually bury money in the yard.

The house where the couple lived with their children. [iNews' Photo]
The house where the couple lived with their children. [iNews’ Photo]
According to the woman’s mother, her daughter had to jump to safety from a ten feet Veranda after the husband placed a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her a while back.

That matter was reported to the police but the woman later visited the police station and requested that the charge be dropped against her husband.

It was also reported that the two were to appear in Court today for another domestic violence matter where the woman was hit and threatened by her husband. However, at the last court appearance she told the Court once again that she needed the matter to be dropped against the man.



  1. See these women causes their own death now she always drop charges now her children have to grow up with a mother and father and a stigma that their father killed their mother and then himself.sad, sad


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