Murdered Herstelling woman died from drowning-PME

The home that the couple reportedly shared

The post mortem examination (PME) conducted on the 32-year-old woman who was reportedly killed by her reputed husband on Monday last revealed that she died as a result of drowning due to compression of the neck.

The home that the couple reportedly shared

The now dead woman, Lowtie Atwaroo called “Mona” of Lot 221 Plantation Walk, Herstelling New Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara and the alleged suspect have been living together for a number of years in a common law relationship.

However, two months ago, the Atwaroo separated from her reputed husband because of his alleged abusive behaviour.

As such, she reportedly moved in with her father, who resides as short distance away.

On Sunday last, Atwaroo reportedly left her father’s home at around 20:30hrs, and went to visit her reputed husband. However, she did not return.

According to the neighbour, it was later in the evening that he and his 40-year-old son heard a female’s voice calling out for help.

They recalled and that upon running outside to check, they saw the suspect submerging  Atwaroo in a trench about 50 feet away from their house.

As such, the men reportedly began to shout at him while running to Atwaroo’s assistance.

The suspect then fled the scene.

The pensioner’s son allegedly pulled her out of the trench after observing that she was motionless.

She was subsequently pronounced dead.

Her reputed husband has since been arrested.



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