Murdered businesswoman had expressed fear for her life – Close friend



Patrician Sanasie (right) and her brother, Vishnu Persaud during their press conference in February 2014. [iNews' Photo]
Patricia Sanasie (right) and her brother, Vishnu Persaud during their press conference in February 2014. [iNews’ Photo]
[] –The now dead Patricia Sanasie, commonly known as ‘Patsy’, had constantly expressed fear for her life to close family and friends.

One of her friends, who opted to remain anonymous, told Reporters that the dead woman’s husband may have ordered the hit on the woman.

Sanasie, who once owned the Academy of Professional Studies on the East Bank of Demerara, was gunned down execution style on Monday evening (January 12) in the presence of one of her three daughters at the Atlantic Gardens, East Coast of Demerara residence.

iNews understands that the mother of three was shot several times in front her residence by a lone gunman. Eyewitnesses reported that a “big built gunman” exited from a sliver colored Raum and discharged four shots at the woman while she attempted to open her gate for her daughter to drive in, seconds after arriving home from a church.

According to a close friend of Sanasie, following her separation from her husband, city businessman, DeokaranSanasie known as ‘Monkey Ram’, Patsy always feared for her life.

On February 14, 2014, Patsywas taken into police custody after news surfaced that she allegedly paid to have her husband executed.

The couple has been married for some 28 years and the man was shot several times about the body while imbibing opposite his business – Ram’s Auto Spares – located at Fourth and Light Streets, Alberttown.

The friend, who was very outspoken, accused the businessman of “playing very dirty.”

“The whole network know about this, if I talk I will be the next victim.”

The friend also explained that very often persons would encourage the woman to leave the country. Reports indicate that Sanasiewas planning to migrate but was waiting to rent out the building that once housed the Private School at McDoom.

Last year when allegations surfaced of her involvement in her husband’s attempted execution,Sanasiedecided to face the media along with her brother, Vishnu Persaud, denying the claims.

The brother was also in police custody for the man’s shooting. After their release, the siblings held a press conference at the Atlantic Gardens residence, proclaiming their innocence.

“I am innocent, I know nothing… I have been living with this man for 28 years, since I was 16 why would I want to do that … everything that he has been saying is a lie and I have proof,” the distraught woman told the media at that press conference.

She, along with her three daughters who are also Sanasie’s children, had stated then that he may be mentally unwell and should seek medical attention.



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