Murder suspect arrested in Princess Hotel Casino


By Leroy Smith

Dead: Hardat Kissoon.
Dead: Hardat Kissoon.

[] – Sherwin Trotman also known as ‘bad boy’ was arrested by the police on Saturday afternoon (June 27) while having a wonderful time in the Princess Casino at Providence, East Bank Demerara

Trotman was one of two suspects on the police radar, following the robbery and murder of a Cane Grove, East Coast Demerara farmer, Hardat Kissoon who was shot and killed in a minibus after they trailed him from a city bank.

Trotman and his accomplice were reportedly caught on camera fleeing the scene of the crime

It was noted that the men are known to the police and Trotman himself was arrested in the past and charged for robberies under arms.

The police are continuing their search for the second suspect and they are of the view that Trotman will cooperate in locating him. Police had reported that at 14:35 hours on June 01, at Turkeyen Public Road, Kissoon, 42, was shot and killed.

According to the police, Kissoon was travelling in a minibus when another man in the vehicle requested to get off. As the man was passing Kissoon, he pulled out a firearm and held the rice farmer at gunpoint and demanded a bag that he had in his possession.

A struggle ensued over the bag during which Kissoon was shot to his chest and the perpetrator escaped with the bag.

Kissoon lay dead in the back seat of the minibus until his body was transported to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was officially pronounced dead on arrival.



  1. Sentence them to hard labor for the first five years where under shackles they must be made to break bricks…….stop this holiday treatment.

  2. jail those two murderers for life since they are nuisance to society.The are endangering the ives of hard working citizens.Hard working Guyanese must be able to enjoy the fruit of their labor without fear of these criminal and pest that plague them.I think t new Administration should introduced the cat o nine tail and let that be an example for the rest of bandits.Police Officers must be more vigilant in their patrols.More vehicles must also be provided for crime fighting in that beautiful country of Guyana.Get rid of the thieves forth with.

  3. Congrats to the police. Perps are being arrested more frequently now. Keep up the good work and continue to send these scum a message. “You can run but you can’t hide”


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