Murder/suicide update: Wife knew husband was planning to kill her


By Andrew Carmichael

The woman who was stabbed to death by her husband at Williamsburg, Corentyne over the weekend, reportedly knew that her husband wanted her dead and had planned to carry out the act himself.

On Sunday night, the body of 40-year-old Indrawattie Totaram also called ‘Shabrina’,  was discovered lying in a pool of blood in her one-bedroom house. Her husband, 36-year-old Krishna Latchman also called ‘Jooka’, was found in the same building hanging by the neck with a rope from a rafter.

Dead: Indrawattie Totaram also called ‘Shabrina’, and Krishna Latchman called ‘Jooka’

The now dead woman’s niece has revealed that Indrawattie Totaram knew that she was going to be killed. Elizabeth Majramootoo told INews that the woman had prepared her mind for the worst.  The niece said that she and the now deceased woman spent some time together on Saturday. “She was crying on the bed and she told me that she gon dead. She say that Uncle Jooka gon kill she…She had money and she take the money and give it to me and take off all her jewellery and put it in my hand and say to make something for my son,” Elizabeth said, adding that she refused the offer.

Meanwhile, the police said that on arrival at the scene,  the husband was observed hanging from a rope which was tied around​ his neck; his feet was about 4 inches from off the floor and a gas bottle was seen next to him. The man’s wife, Indrawattie, was seen lying on her left side on the floor in the bedroom, motionless in a pool of blood. She was reportedly naked and her body had two stab wounds to her right breast, two stab wounds to her right side ribs and one stab wound to her right arm and a electrical wire was seen tied around her neck. A knife with what appeared to be blood stains was seen on a fridge top in the kitchen.

A relative of the deceased couple indicated that Krishna Latchman had accused his wife of infidelity on several occasions in the past. The relative claimed that the woman would leave the home for several days and then return. Last week she reportedly left the home again, on Thursday  and returned on Friday.  The bodies were discovered on Sunday evening, and from eyewitnesses account, it’s very likely they had been dead for more than a day prior to their bodies being discovered.

But while Krishna has been portrayed to be a very quiet individual, evidence suggest that there was a violent side which persons did not know.

Investigations are continuing.



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