Murder of Wakenaam businessman: Police arrest man seen changing number plate of vehicle that ran over victim


The Police have so far arrested one person in connection with the attempted robbery/ murder of the Wakenaam businessman who was attacked by an armed man earlier today in downtown Georgetown.

According to a police press statement issued moments ago, at about 1045h. today, Tuesday April 19, 2016, businessman Mahendra Persaud, 26 years, of Wakenaam, Essequibo, was with his driver in a vehicle at Alexander and Regent Streets, Georgetown, when he was attacked by a man armed with a firearm and who demanded a bag with money that he had in his possession as he exited the vehicle.

Dead: Mahendra Persaud
Dead: Mahendra Persaud

The statement added that Persaud put up a resistance and a struggle ensued during which he was shot to his neck. He fell on the roadway and in the process was run over by a motor vehicle.

According to the police statement, a licensed firearm holder who was in the vicinity at the time intervened and there was an exchange of gunfire with the armed man who managed to escape on a motor cycle driven by an accomplice, without the bag with the money which has been recovered by the police.

Persaud was taken to the GPHC where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Investigators say that a man was seen attempting to change the number plate of the vehicle that had run over Persaud and has been arrested. The driver is not yet arrested while the vehicle has been detained by the police.

Investigations are in progress.




  1. When a Government cannot provide Basic Security to its citizens then that government has FAILED it’s people.

  2. Robbing the East Indians and take their money when they come to town from the country has been in existence for decades. But now the criminals have raised their atrocity by not only robbing but also killing them. Enough is enough. We need to avenge and reprise. An eye for an eye. That is the only way it will stop. The justice system has failed us. Victims and their concerned ones must rise.

  3. This is the job of the TRUNKERS,,these guys and women trail people from the banks,the group is known to police. This kid just started living and sadly his life was snuffed out by TICKS sucking on the blood of hard working people,this is going to stop only when we take steps to hunt these suckers down,Businessmen and women have to put steps in place to protect themselves SAD ,,,brother RIP.

  4. The President needs to step in and bring back the death penalty . How many more like this . It is time that these murderers be tried, and if convicted, have their appeals all done within six months, and whatever form of execution be applied. Enough is enough Mr. Granger and Mr. Ramjattan . President Hoyte had reintroduce the death penalty, and the murders had reduced.

  5. It really hurts me, these business people make a sacrifice to open a business to provide for their families and to have goods readily available for their community and their life is taken from them in a quick second . These thugs who wants the easy way out kills them with no mercy. Business people have no protection. Look how many business people have lost their lives or have been beaten or robbed. Not every incident makes the news. Some go unreported. May your soul R.I.P this is a great loss for the family.


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