Murder of Crum – Ewing was “dangerously timed” – Catholic Church


Courtney Crum-Ewing. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Catholic Church says that the execution of Political Activist Courtney Crum–Ewing was dangerously timed given that Guyana is on the verge of General and Regional Elections.

Crum-Ewing was gunned down execution style on Tuesday evening (March 10) while urging members of Diamond Housing Scheme to go out and cast their ballots on May 11.

The political activist rose to prominence after he staged a 100-day protest in front of the office of the Attorney General Anil Nandlall calling for his resignation.

“The execution of Courtney Crum-Ewing is also dangerously timed in a climate of electoral campaigning as we prepare for national elections on 11th May. Many persons, in the absence of evidence, are already drawing political inferences. At this time, to draw specific conclusions as to where culpability rests, I call on the Guyana Police Force to act swiftly in its investigations to find and bring these killers before our courts,” said Bishop Francis Alleyne Head of the local Catholic Fraternity.

According to Alleyne, the execution of the political activist should be seen as nothing more than retrogress for Guyana and deserves the highest condemnation from all crevices of society.

He also pointed to the murder of Randy Persaud who was killed minutes apart from the execution of Crum-Ewing.

Roman Catholic Bishop, Francis Alleyne

“ The murder of Randy Persaud, and so many others under similar circumstances, is no less important than the murder of Mr. Crum-Ewing as it affects us all as a people who value, or are expected to value, the sanctity and dignity of life and indeed the human person,” he stated.

The Bishop said that Guyana’s political leaders should specifically condemn the barbaric killing of Crum-Ewing and to actively promote messages of peace on the campaign trail and create an environment of security and nationhood in which citizens can exercise their democratic and constitutional right, and indeed duty, to elect a government of their choice.

Bishop Alleyene in his statement extended “deepest sympathies, my prayers and the support of the Catholic Church to the grieving relatives of the deceased.”