Murder of Biker: Police Commissioner identifies Randy Jagdeo as murderer


By Kurt Campbell

The alleged killer: Randy Jagdeo.
The alleged killer: Randy Jagdeo.

Commissioner of Police Leroy Brummel says the ongoing investigation into the murder of Biker, Kirk Davis is progressing well.

The Commissioner made the comment during a vigil for the late biker in front of the Brickdam Police Station this evening [Sunday September 8].

“We did not kill Kirk, Kirk was a personal friend of mine, why are you guys pressuring the police” the Commissioner told those gathered. Relatives and friends have since described the Commissioner’s action and comment as arrogant.

When questioned who the murderer was, the Commissioner said “y’all ain’t know is Jagdeo.”

The Police Commissioner referred to the businessman who owns a store on Water Street, Randy Jagdeo. Several witnesses placed him at the scene of the crime.

Dead: Kurt Davis
Dead: Kurt Davis

Jagdeo is believed to be hiding in Suriname. However, despite possessing such information, the police is yet to issue a wanted bulletin for the businessman.

The Vigil, which started at the Square of the Revolution/Cuffy Square, proceeded along Brickdam Police Station, then to the Kitty Seawall before culminating at his East Bank Demerara home. Relatives and friends are calling for justice to be served.

Relatives and Friends during the vigil. [iNews' Photo]
Relatives and Friends during the vigil. [iNews’ Photo]
“Justice must be served, whether rich or poor, the injustice has to stop” one social-activist said. Davis was gunned down in front of his Eccles home on the evening of September 3.

He was reportedly shot by Jagdeo, who accused the now dead 30 – year – old of having an affair with his wife.

According to police investigations, the businessman turned up at Davis’ East Bank Demerara home with his wife and sister – in – law to confront Davis when an argument erupted, during which Davis was shot. Davis was shot approximately 12 times.



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