Murder accused “Smallie”, Nero to know fate soon

Mark Royden “Smallie” Williams and Sherwin Nero called “Catty” will soon know their fates
Mark Royden “Smallie” Williams and Sherwin Nero called “Catty” will soon know their fates

After more than a week after a verdict was supposed to be handed down in the Kumar Singh “Mango Man” murder case, Mark Royden “Smallie” Williams and Sherwin Nero called “Catty” are set to know their fates later this week. During Monday’s proceedings, closing addresses by the prosecution and Defence Counsel Nigel Hughes were heard before a 12-member jury.

However, presiding Judge, James Bovell-Drakes adjourned the matter to Thursday for summation of evidence. Thereafter, the jury will deliberate and determine whether or not the co-accused are innocent or guilty.

They were implicated in the murder of “Mango Man” whilst executing a robbery on August 30, 2007, at the man’s Cove and John, East Coast Demerara home. At the time, the man’s relatives were visiting from neighbouring Suriname. During the trial, the jury had been told that an ex-police rank transported the duo from Kumar Singh’s home via horse cart which the defence argued is implausible. Singh was killed after gunmen stormed his premises and allegedly made off with cash and jewellery.

When “Smallie” had taken the stand, he implicated Inspector Suraj Singh and other ranks of torturing him. His account to the jury was that upon his 2008 arrest, he was handcuffed, beaten and shocked into signing the police caution statement which he claimed was not freely given. Prosecutors Tameika Clarke and Tiffini Lyken are leading the State’s case.



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