Murder accused among 3 in Lusignan Prison escape

Wanted: Travis Evans

Police are currently on the hunt for three (3) prisoners who escaped from the Lusignan Prison, Holding Bay, at approximately 04:30h on Monday morning.

Their escape was confirmed by Prisons Director Gladwin Samuels who noted that the men got out by scaling the wall of the penitentiary.

Wanted: Dextroy Pollard, also known as Kenroy Kennedy

He outlined that the escapees are; murder accused, 23-year-old Travis Evans of C field Sophia, Sudesh Dyal, 23, of Wales Backdam who was remanded for break and enter and larceny and escape from custody and Dexroy Pollard, 29, of Wales Village who is currently in prison for break and enter and larceny also.

Wanted: Sudesh Dyal

Their escape comes more than one year after two hardcore prisoners are still on the run following the Camp Street Prison break and fire.

Pandemonium broke out at the Camp Street Prison on July 9, 2017, when prisoners set the facility on fire, occasioning its destruction with the exception of a brick building in the compound which remained intact and, after renovations, is now housing “hard core” prisoners.

In the ensuing confusion, a number of prisoners managed to escape from lawful custody, including convicted murderer Mark Royden Durant, also called “Royden Williams”; Uree Varswyck and Stafrei Hopkinson Alexander, among others.

That incident also resulted in the death of Prison Officer Odinga Wickham, who was shot by prisoners during the breakout.

Following that jailbreak, over 1000 prisoners were displaced.

File photo: The Holding Bay area of the Lusignan Prison

While some were moved to the Mazaruni Prison or granted early release or bail, others remained at the Lusignan penitentiary under straightened circumstances.

It was then that another contingent of prisoners escaped.

Since these two jailbreaks, all but two prison escapees – Cobena Stephens a.k.a. OJ and Paul Goriah – have either been recaptured or killed.


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