Multilateralism critical for fight against global issues – Min. Todd

Foreign Affairs Minister Hugh Todd

Underscoring the efficacy of multilateralism in combatting the world’s greatest challenges, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hugh Todd posited that there must be a “collective effort” in addressing the world’s major challenges.

Minister Todd made these comments whilst participating in a panel discussion hosted by the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) based in Delhi, India.

“If you look at human activity over the decades and how many of the industrialised countries would have advanced their economies and done well for themselves, now that we are at a period where mother nature is crying out and we have to respond, it requires a collective effort,” he said.

To this end, Minister Todd lauded India’s efforts to contribute to the fight against a number of global issues such as climate change, COVID-19, and debt crises faced by other countries.

“If you look at what we have gone through in the pandemic…you look at the conflict in Ukraine and the G20 presidency, India has emerged as a powerful leader and policy maker. That is what you need, leadership. India has been providing that leadership and people are following,” the foreign affairs minister explained.

Meanwhile, he noted Guyana’s contributions to the fight against climate change, indicating that the country is forced to be “punching above our weight” because other countries have not been rising to the occasion.

“We are very low emitters, but we are punching above our weight within the multilateral system in terms of commitments. It requires a level of humility and an understanding that we all have to be involved,” Minister Todd pointed out.

The relationship between India and Guyana ever since the independence of Guyana in May 1966 has been close and cordial with a high degree of understanding.

The High Commission of India to Guyana’s website states that the warmth in the relation “remains unaffected” with changes in governments either in India or in Guyana.