Multi – million dollar Xenon Hotel opens in Georgetown

The Xenon Hotel
The Xenon Hotel

[] – The multi-million dollar Xenon Hotel has opened its first branch in Georgetown as part of its expansion plans. The popular hotel which houses its first brand in Charity on the Essequibo Coast boasts a modern 29 room hotel in the heart of the city.

The Xenon brand has more than 30 years experience in the hospitality industry. The Georgetown and Essequibo branches are linked and special packages are available for persons who wish to visit either branch.

The investment is meant to compliment the investment in the 704 entertainment complex and is located across the road from 704 at Lamaha and Albert Streets. The brand new hotel boasts all the modern facilities one has come to expect including hot and cold water, air conditioned rooms, free Wi-Fi, cable television and adequate parking. There are 25 rooms and 4 suites and all are serviced by an elevator.Xenon 19

The hotel management says they are expecting that the investment will complement Guyana’s tourism package as visitors now have another option for accommodation within the city.

The hotel promises that it will provide modern conveniences with the charm of Guyanese hospitality and assures that rates are affordable. The brand new hotel is catering to international and local travelers and says that the comfort it offers will astound even the most discerning traveler.



  1. These People have been in the hospitality business for a long time. They are not afraid to invest. They have the brains and dedication to know how to run a business. So just wish them well instead of being so bitchy and negative.

  2. You live in Guyana and probably never heard or went to Charity. Another branch is located just there overlooking the Pomeroon river. So sad you had to regurgitate filth due to absolute ignorance. Go out into the country and enjoy its beauty.
    Badal and his clique said that Guyana does not need more hotels because most would be unoccupied. Well the owners of this new hotel are people with vision and look to the future positively for a vibrant tourism industry which will surely happen. Congratulations!!!

  3. Why is this the first time we have heard about this hotel. I guess it is because the PPP/C government people hands not in it, and they don’t stand to profit from it.

  4. Well done to the Alphonso group of companies for their continued support and investments created in this beautiful country of ours. It shows that you are confident in the Guyana economy, in spite of all the development set backs orchestrated by the CRAPNU and AFC coalition. Guyana on the move!


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