Multi – Million dollar contracts signed under Clean-Up Programme


Clean up[] – The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development signed eight contracts for the procurement of machinery and garbage receptacles under the “Clean-Up My Country” Programme yesterday, Monday, November 03.

The following contracts were awarded:


  1. Supply of 45 Tractors and Trailers: General Equipment Guyana (GENEQUIP) – G$ 256,050,000


  1. Supply of 1 Flat Trailer: AINLIM – G$1,000,000


  1. Supply of 5 Mini Excavators: MACORP – 44,835,000


  1. Supply of 1 Skid Steer Loader: S. Jagmohan Hardware Supplies & Construction Services – 5,800,000


  1. Supply of 142 Skip Metal Bins: DAX Contracting – $33,199,600


  1. Supply of 5,500 – 45 gal. Metal barrels: Puran Brothers – $37,800,00


  1. Supply of 600,000 garbage Bags: Puran Brothers – 27,000,000


  1. Completion of Phase 11 of Landfill site to Access Road in Zorg-en-Hoop, Reg. No. 5: J.B. Brothers – $6, 852,825

The tractor and trailers will be distributed to most of the NDCs across the country to assist with executing their duties of maintenance of infrastructure and cleanup activities.image

The mini excavators will be allocated to Regions No. 1, 7, 8, 9 and 10 while the skip metal bins will be distributed to 130 specific locations within the NDCs across Guyana and 12 to be placed in key areas around Georgetown in an effort to address the issue of indiscriminate dumping of waste.

The metal barrels will be distributed to households residing in specific communities to provide proper storage and to encourage environmentally friendly disposal of waste while the plastic garbage bags will be issued to each household throughout the urban and rural communities.



  1. i commend inews guyana for your professionalism. inews has been reporting the news and not so much so the indvidual. please continue in your fair and balance reporting.


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