Mugger drops ID card, wallet after robbery – Police following unexpected ‘clue’

Police in New Amsterdam were reportedly given the identity of a robber after identification and bank cards were found at the side of the road moments after committing a robbery.
Reports are that an overseas-based Guyanese was walking along Republic Road, New Amsterdam in Berbice when he was pounced upon by the bandit with a knife. Holding the victim at knife-point, the bandit pushed his hands into the man’s pocket and took out his wallet. He then placed the wallet in his own pocket before fleeing.
In escaping, he dashed into Trinity Street and in haste took the wallet from his pocket, emptied its contents and threw the wallet in a clump of bushes. His actions were observed by the victim who went to the spot to retrieve his wallet which contained documents including identification cards.
Lo and behold, to his surprise, when he picked up the wallet he realised the robber had also thrown away his own wallet containing identification and bank cards. INews understands that he diligently took the wallet to the station and made a report.
According to a source close to the investigation, the identification card belongs to a person ‘known’ to police. He is said to have ‘a criminal record.’ Police are currently hunting for the suspect.


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