MovieTowne Guyana scouting local talent for opening

File photo: An aerial view of MovieTowne Guyana

Anticipation is rising and the excitement is building as MovieTowne Guyana enters its final lap to completion.

This publication understands that the company will be opening it theaters at the end of this month.

Events and Entertainment Manager of Multicinemas Incorporated, Heathcliff West is currently scouting Guyanese talent to perform at the unveiling of the Cineplex.

It was outlined that in addition to the opening ceremony, MovieTowne will also have weekly entertainment featuring talent from Guyana at Fiesta Plaza.

“We want to showcase the best of Guyana to the world. Of course, we will be surprising our patrons with some regional and international artistes on occasions, but our full commitment is to Guyana and the development and flattering exposure of its people,” West said.

He explained that MovieTowne’s Fiesta Plaza in Trinidad and Tobago has been responsible for securing international markets for several of the performers there.

“It has been incredible. Only recently, we had one group being afforded the opportunity to tour Japan. They only recently returned…that is the kind of impact that MovieTowne is hoping to have in Guyana,” West noted.

A call has been issued via social media for persons to submit biographies and videos of their talent, so that a database can be created to ensure that a wide variety of talent goes on full display when MovieTowne opens.

“So far, we have had a couple of submissions, and I’m very pleased by what we have seen so far. We know that Guyana has a tremendous amount of talent, so we are excited to be able to show this to the world,” West noted.

Ever since its establishment in 2002, MovieTowne has transformed the economy of the Twin Island Republic. It has also boosted the Creative Arts Industry, while providing several hundred employment opportunities for Trinidadians.

When opened, MovieTowne Guyana will provide hundreds of job opportunities locally.

In a release, the company stated that the complex hasn’t even been completed yet and it has already been attracting the attention of a host of internationally recognised entertainment franchises.

The ultra-modern complex is ideally positioned on 10 acres of prime land, with a 200,000-plus square foot building, standing fascinatingly along the East Coast Demerara corridor.

In the coming months, MovieTowne says it will take Guyana by storm, “satisfying every craving for clean, classy, secure and exciting family-oriented entertainment.”

Guyanese are invited to be part of this journey, by participating fully in the entertainment aspect.

Interested persons can send their submissions to West via email at [email protected] or via the MovieTowne Guyana Facebook page.

Deadline for submissions are on October 7, 2018.


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