MovieTowne Guyana apologises; removes offensive props from “Haunted House”

The Haunted House at MovieTowne Guyana

Full statement from MovieTowne Guyana:

MovieTowne Guyana is cognizant of the various posts surrounding the Haunted House and understands the emotions associated with same.

We would like to officially apologize for this perception and clearly iterate we are in no way, form or fashion promoting this worst act in human history.

This Haunted House has many additional dolls, mannequins and characters positioned in similar stances to add to décor, levitating and not hung in any way. It was never the intention of the artist to be prejudiced.

Based on vast feedback, we have removed these props that were in no way intended as they were perceived. It is our hope that all families can come together to revel in quality family time.

MovieTowne Guyana has always and will always continue to provide world class entertainment for all, eradicating racial discrimination and standing together a nation of six strong races.