Motorcyclist killed in Ogle accident was expecting his first child 

Dead: Alex Amsterdam

Alex Amsterdam, a 22-year-old security guard of Sparendaam, East Coast Demerara (ECD), was on Monday evening killed in an accident that occurred along the Ogle Railway Embankment, ECD.

Amsterdam was expecting his first child with his reputed wife who is currently five-months pregnant. He was also in the process of building his own home aback his parents’ house at Sparendaam.

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) has not yet released any information on the accident but this publication understands that Amsterdam was riding a motorcycle at the time of the fatal crash.

According to information provided by the victim’s father, Dexter Amsterdam, the young motorcyclist had approached an intersection at Ogle when a motorcar stopped to allow him to cross.

However, the father claimed that as his son was in the process of crossing the road, the car then decided to speed across the intersection, striking down the motorcyclist in the process.

The father explained that this information was relayed by his son’s friend, who was travelling in a vehicle behind the motorcyclist.

“He [the friend] said the vehicle stop, by the time me son near for reach up, he [the car] drive off,” the father related.

The older Amsterdam said he was at home when he received news of the crash.

“A bike man come calling for Alex…I turn and I tell him my son is not here, he ain’t come back yet. Then, he come said ‘come and watch this video, that my son lying down at Ogle Road there.”

“So, I follow him behind and I go, when I go and see my son. Was me and my daughter, so by the time I could of get to park the car I hear my daughter hollering…when I get there now, I see the driver of the vehicle…he said my son run into to he,” the father related.

At the scene of the crash, the father claimed that the car driver and all the other occupants of the vehicle were drunk.

“I don’t know if is he family but all of them was drunk.”

Reports are that the victim was left lying on the roadway for over 30 minutes before he was taken away. The father believed that his son could have survived the crash had medical attention been delivered faster.

The man said the entire situation has left him dumbfounded and he has been focusing on helping his grieving wife cope with the loss of her son.

“It really shocked me because me ain’t really cut out for that, what happen last night, I ain’t get to sleep for the whole night and my wife, I had to just cheer she up…she cried and she cried,” the grieving father said.

While he is calling for justice, Amsterdam believes the family needs to be properly compensated since his son’s child will now be left without a father.

“I know my son done died already but I got to get some compensation and whatsoever,” the father contended.

Investigations are ongoing.