Motorcyclist dies after crashing into parked car on Corentyne Highway

Dead: Noel Channan

A motorcyclist is now dead after colliding with a parked car along the Corentyne Highway in Region Six on Friday evening.

The dead man has been identified as 23-year-old Noel Channan also called “Titoo Bai” and “Mustapha”, a tattoo artist and a labourer of Lot 234 Ankerville, Port Mourant, Corentyne.

Eyewitnesses say on Friday around 19:00 hours, Noel was riding a motorcycle and was proceeding south along the eastern drive lane on the Alness, Corentyne, Public Road.

It is alleged that the man lost control of his motorcycle and slammed into a car that was parked on the eastern side of the said road shoulder.

The car is owned by Arlington Austin, a vendor. He recalled sitting at his road-side stall with his wife and had seen Channan pass twice before he crashed.

The damaged car on the Alness Public Road, Corentyne, Berbice

“When I get up and look, I see a motorbike turn over near the car and when I rush over the road, I see [Channan] lying on the road, facing the car. The motorbike bruk up and it damage my car,” Austin stated.

Meanwhile, the dead man’s mother, Salima, told this publication that her son went out to celebrate his birthday on Thursday and returned on Friday morning. She recalled asking the young man not to go on the road with the bike and he promised her that he would not be out long since he was going to go drop his friend home.

“Meh say alright me ah wait fuh you [but] me gotta go market so meh gah sleep early. He said ‘Mommy, five minutes’ he nah go take long and he go and drop his friend… [Then] meh get wan call about 7 o’clock last night that meh son reach in accident at Alness and he lay down pon a road,” the grieving woman stated.

According to Salima, she rushed to the Port Mourant Hospital, where she found her son was left lying in the back of a pick-up truck.

“Meh son body lie in this pick-up like a piece of tool. Meh could not believe what meh see.

The woman described her son as a “very nice” and willing young man.

“He always be good to people, only me he does be rude to,” the distraught woman cried.

Police are still investigating the incident.