Motorcycles, ganja seized during police raids in G/T; 4 arrested

The bikes seized during the raids

Four persons were arrested and several items seized by police during raids conducted throughout Georgetown this morning.

The areas where ranks of the Regional Division 4A carried out cordon and search exercises include: Guyhoc; A, B, C, D and E Fields as well as Plum Park, Sophia; Prashad Nagar; Gordon Street, Kitty; Alexander Street, Kitty; William Street, Kitty; Alberttown; Bourda Market; Stabroek Market; Tiger Bay and Leopold Street.

The ganja found the under the clock at Stabroek Market

The police said several mechanic shops, houses, suspected drug houses, motorists and pedestrians were searched.

During the raids, the police seized eight motorcycles inclusive of XR, Trip, Honjue among others. Additionally, 92 grams of cannabis were found abandoned under Stabroek Market all of which were lodged.

Among those arrested are: a 28-year-old construction worker of Guyhoc Park for being in possession of 105 grams of cannabis at Plum Park, Sophia; a 40-year-old broker of A Field Sophia for possession of 5 grams of cannabis; a 28-year-old mechanic of Tucville for unlawful possession of motorcycles; and a 24-year-old unemployed male of C Field Sophia Squatting Area, for a pending robbery under arms matter.

Several other detainees were profiled and sent away, the police added.