Mother’s Day celebration ends deadly…man allegedly chops brother-in-law to death during scuffle


A Mother’s Day celebration between family members in Bloomfield, Corentyne, Berbice, turned deadly when a  man allegedly chopped his brother-in-law to his head twice, resulting in his death, after a heated argument broke out between the two.

chopped 1Reports are that around 02:00h this morning a cane cutter and his brother-in-law began quarrelling over an issue. The fight then became physical as the two scuffled and dealt blows to each other’s body.

The cane cutter then went to locate his cutlass and returned armed with the said weapon, which he allegedly used to deal two chops to his brother-in-law’s head.

Other persons who were in the house when the incident occurred rushed out to ‘part the fight’ but by then it was too late. The injured man was bleeding profusely and by the time relatives managed to get him to the hospital, he succumbed.

Meanwhile, the assailant also visited the same hospital to receive medical attention for the wounds he received while he was fighting with the now dead man.

He is presently a patient at the hospital and is expected to be charged with the murder of his brother-in-law soon.

Investigations into the matter are presently underway.




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