Mother, unborn baby die at GPHC – Relatives say doctors erred ‘big time’

Dead: Evita Singh

By: Leroy Smith

Dead: Evita Singh
Dead: Evita Singh

[] – Evita Singh, a mother of two, died early yesterday morning, two days after her unborn child died inside her while she was a maternity patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

iNews in an interview with the dead woman’s relatives on Sunday learnt that the 34 – year – old went into the hospital on Monday last and by Wednesday she had started experiencing problems while in the care of doctors at the institution.

The woman who was not ready to deliver, according to relatives, was being treated at the hospital for the symptoms of the Chikungunya Virus.

Relatives told iNews that the woman died as a result of severe internal bleeding brought on by six Cytotec pills which were inserted into her to induce labour even though she did not indicate that she was having labour pains.

It was reported by relatives that the dosage which were administered to the woman was way above the normal amount and according to persons who are familiar with the use of the pill which is also administered to animals, six pills are not even administered to an animal under no circumstances.

The pills reportedly caused the woman to bleed internally and burst the baby’s head and her internal organs. Her uterus was reportedly split into half; relatives say they were told by at least one doctor.

iNews was told that a health worker who was in the room between Thursday night and Friday morning when the woman began experiencing severe discomfort told relatives that the pills were given to the woman for her to deliver so that they can treat her for the Chikungunya Virus.

They said that the pills were administered because the doctors were not willing to perform a C-Section on the woman although they knew she did not have enough passage for the baby.

“Doctors were not willing to do a C-Section and when they finally realized that the woman was still having a hard time after they administered the pills they decided to cut her. But by that time, when the woman was taken to the operation room she could not be operated on since someone was already in the room and on the machine,” iNews was told.

Doctors reportedly told relatives that they realized that the baby’s heart rate had dropped but there was nothing that they could have done since they had to get the machine to operate on her and remove the child. They had to wait fifteen minutes and by that time the child was believed to have already died inside the woman.

Family members are not taking the death lightly since according to them they have evidence and witnesses who can prove that doctors were misleading them on the condition of the woman and the events leading up to her death.

They told iNews that one doctor who telephoned them on Friday morning when the woman went into her distress informed them that “their relative loose her baby because of carelessness and laziness;” pointing to the failure and reluctance of the workers on shift at the time to have the woman do a C-T scan.


  1. Thank you Geeta. Our family is not the same. Evita’s mom is crying daily, while her father is still trying to find answers. Her two children need closure; along with promises for a sound education from Bharat Jagdeo, Granger, and Ramjattan.
    I ask these men “what is becoming of Guyana’s future(children). And if they survive, What next? Evita’s two children are waiting for answers and closure.

  2. Thank you TonyG. The bad thing about these murders are HUSH, HUSH. No one ever contacted the family or try to help Evita two children left behind. Nothing! Not Bharat Jagdeo, Granger nor Ramjattan, or the people at GPH.

  3. Thank you Kiva, Nothing is heard from anyone as yet. Two children are without a mother, a sickly mother and father cannot go on without their daughter. No closure. No compensation for the children’s education. All our pleas are ignored.
    Evita was my uncle’s daughter(mom’s brother).

  4. Its is so sad what happen at the hospital its can be anyone mother daughter sisters or wife please people have a heart and support this where ever you are please

  5. This is crazy. Only in GPH this negligence and carelessness happens. Many young mothers and they’re babies are losing their lives simply bcuz of these untrained, unprofessional ass holes. How can you administered cytotec to a woman who’s carrying a full term baby? Are you stupid? These idiots needs to be jailed, seriously. They don’t need to be in health care professions because they don’t know shit they’re doing.

  6. it seems that anybody can be dactha don’t have to go to school – hope a team of lawyers are taking up this case ‘big time’. Even though money cannot bring back mother and baby. So sad, So sad! it will serve as a lesson to the quack doctors in white coats prancing around as doctors at GPHC, Georgetown, Guyana and the ministry of health.

  7. How in the world can they call themselves doctors and nurses and administer an abortion inducing drug to a woman who wants to keep and carry her baby full term!!!
    These so called medical people are even below STUPID. They don’t even have basic common sense, this is so reprehensible on every level!
    What these doctors and nurses did is criminal, all parties responsible should be prosecuted for gross medical malpractice.

    I was appalled to see yet another mother and her healthy unborn baby die at that death trap called GPHC. These Cuban trained so called doctors and below stupid nurses working there should be held accountable for deliberately murdering this woman and her unborn baby. You will never hear of such despicable levels of ignorance and stupidity at any other hospital any other part of this world, ONLY in Guyana are mothers and their unborn babies being slaughtered at the hands of these unprofessional, unbelievably stupid medical personnel at GPHC.


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