Mother, sons killed in Berbice smash-up given emotional send off


By Kizzy Coleman

Sabita Manglani and her two sons – five-year-old Ethan Ramjeet and 18-year-old Emanuel Manglani – who were tragically killed in a two-vehicle smash-up last Sunday at Number 59 Village, Corentyne, Berbice were on Friday given an emotional send-off before being laid to rest.

Bebard Da Silva delivering the eulogy

The atmosphere was both sad and sombre as relatives and friends paid their last respects to the mother and her sons of Bel Air, Georgetown following a touching funeral service.

Sighs of regret for the great loss could be heard as mourners viewed the bodies of the deceased. Loud wails could also be heard from a number of family members.

The eulogy of Sabita Manglani and her sons was read by her cousin, Attorney Benard Da Silva, who reflected on their lives as being joyful.

A message of hope was preached to the small gathering by Pastor Leroy Singh, who also encouraged the family of the dead to remember them for the joyous life they led.

Following his sermon, family members along with friends of the deceased delivered tributes where they reflected on times shared together.

Manglani and her sons lost their lives along with her secretary, Reshma Seeram of the West Coast of Berbice and friend, Dhanpaul Kishandial, called “Navin” of the United States.

A aunt of the deceased embracing another relative at the funeral

The body of Manglani’s younger son, Ramjeet was severed in two following the impact of their motorcar and a lorry.

Eyewitnesses told this publication there were two carts parked on the road’s shoulder adjacent to the pothole.

The impact of the collision pushed half of the lorry off the road and sent the paddy-laden tray pitching off into the back of the Honda wagon removing the top half in the process.

Manglani and her 18-year-old son, who were in the back seat, were tossed over the lorry, and as a result, the woman landed on the parapet and the teen in the trench – both dead.

The head-on collision resulted in the death of 5 persons

The body of the five-year-old, who was also in the back seat, was severed at the waist, with the top half of his body flying over the lorry and landing in the trench running parallel to the road. The bottom half remained trapped in the car.

Kishandial and Seeram were pinned in the front seat and remained there until members of the Skeldon Fire Service arrived on the scene and cut open the vehicle to remove the bodies.

Manglani and her sons were cremated at the Le Repentir crematorium.


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