Mother seeking answers for child’s death at Suddie Hospital


A grieving mother is now calling on the relevant authorities to look into the circumstances surrounding the death of her 4-year-old daughter at the Suddie Public Hospital.

The now deceased child has been identified as Valentina Amara Persaud.

The 4-year-old had marks on her mouth and her body which appeared to be “black” at the time of the post-mortem

According to the child’s mother, Devina Persaud, the 4-year-old was taken to the Suddie Public Hospital in Region Two, on January 10, 2018, at around 04:30hrs, because she was having a seizure.

Persaud explained that Valentina’s seizure’s would occur on occasions.

She told INews that upon locating a nurse, she explained the problem and the toddler was admitted to the medical facility immediately and given a valium injection, to which she responded well.

“She sleep and eat and play, she was okay,” Persaud continued to explain.

However, the devastated mother recounted that things turned south for her child when after she was informed that that Valentina needed a second injection.

“…The nurse came and said that she had to get another injection and she gave her the injection and she [Valentina] cry and she breath just cut,” the mother said.

At the time, Persaud said she observed that the doctor on duty had witnessed what transpired.

 “The nurse asked the doctor, ‘would you be on shift this afternoon?’ and she said ‘yes’ and the nurse said ‘alright, come let me tell you this thing’,” the woman recalled.

Persaud said that the duo then left the room without explaining to her what had happened to her child.

Valentina’s body was subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital for a post-mortem examination to be conducted.

“They didn’t allow anybody to go in and witness and like nobody explain what happen or anything,” Persaud said.

The now deceased child’s mother further told this online publication that later, when her uncle spoke to another doctor regarding the post mortem, it was reportedly revealed that the four-year-old’s heart and kidney had burst.

A report of the matter was made to the Anna Regina Police Station.

Meanwhile, Region Two Chairman, Devanand Ramdatt, when contacted said he “will be asking for an investigation to be conducted.”


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