Mother pleads for public’s assistance in locating missing teen


A distraught mother from Suddie Village, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam), is pleading with the general public to assist her in locating her missing teenage daughter, Ashley Singh.

Sharada Ravida said her daughter was last seen on September 9, 2016 at their Suddie Home.

MISSING: Ashley Singh
MISSING: Ashley Singh

The 16-year-old is currently a fifth form student at the Johanna Cecilia Secondary School. The mother described her daughter as slim and dark.

The mother of seven explained that her son, who works in the interior, had sent her money via Western Union and her daughter was tasked with documenting the transaction number.

According to Ravida, her daughter wrote the wrong numbers and could not remember where she had left the paper. An argument erupted between the two and the mother then threatened to take the girl out of school.

“I told her I will take her out from school cause she not learning and she wasting my money, simple numbers she can’t write.”

She said after the argument she then went upstairs in search of the paper and upon her return to the lower flat, she discovered the girl missing.

The girl’s mother expressed regret at being harsh with her daughter and wants the missing teen to know that she loves her very much. She is therefore asking that Ashley return home so she can reunite with her family.

A missing person’s report was filed at the Suddie Police Station and Police are assisting in the search.

Anyone with information regarding the teenager’s whereabouts can contact the nearest police station.




  1. I currently live n a society where problem of this nature and many more can be address differently. My fellow Guyanese, it is the way that we treat our children that make them react in the manner they do. like run away or in some cases commit suicide, etc. Let us not wait for something to go wrong then try to find a salutation to the problem let sit and talk to our kids. Tell them what life is all about, let them know what are there duties. tell them about sex, teenage pregnancy, talk to them about drugs, etc. but do it in a way that the want to listen and they and yourself feel comfortable telling them. Its is us that live in these community that need to change in order to make a better future for our children.


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