Mother of siblings saved from fire in custody


The woman who was being sought by police after she left her two young children alone in a house in the Glasgow Housing Scheme, East Bank Berbice shortly before a fire started, is now in police custody.

A neighbour consoling the 4-year-old brother following the fire yesterday

This is according to Police “B” Division Commander; Lyndon Alves who told INews this morning (Wednesday) that a call was made to his headquarters informing him that the woman would be turned in.

Shortly after, Alves said that the woman reported to the police station in the company of a welfare officer and is presently assisting with investigations.

Quick thinking by a 7-year-old girl on Monday evening resulted in her saving herself as well as her 4-year-old brother from their burning home.

Alves had said it appeared as though the children’s mother abandoned them since the two children were alone, asleep in upper flat of the two storey concrete home.

The older sibling awoke to the smell of smoke and upon realising that the home was on fire, the child reportedly wrapped her younger brother in a blanket and eased him out of the house through the front window as far as the blanket could reach, before dropping him the remaining six feet to the ground.

She then made her way out of the burning building by jumping through the same window, which was approximately 14 feet from the ground, fracturing her leg in the process.

Nevertheless, the child raised an alarm in the neighbourhood and the Guyana Fire Service was contacted resulting in majority of the concrete structure being saved.

The 7-year-old was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital where she was admitted, while the four-year-old was placed in the custody of their aunt.

This publication was told that neighbours had contacted the mother of the children and informed her that her house was on fire.

By the time the mother arrived, the Police and Fire Service were already on the scene. After seeing the crowd, the woman reportedly told the driver of the vehicle she was in to turn around and leave the area. A section of the crowd tried to stop him, but their efforts were in vain.

Residents in the area reportedly told police that the children’s mother would often leave them alone for lengthy periods.


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