Mother of shot teen refuses $1M settlement- ‘What I want is justice’

Marcel Griffith and her son Ale, moments after he was released from the Hospital. [iNews' Photo]

By Kurt Campbell

Marcel Griffith and her son Ale, moments after he was released from the Hospital. [iNews' Photo]
Marcel Griffith and her son Alex, moments after he was released from the Hospital. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Mother of 15 – year – old Alex Griffith, who was shot in his mouth by a Police Cadet has refused a $1M settlement offered to her by the Officer’s Lawyer.

The aggrieved woman, Marcel Griffith says at no point will any form of compensation be accepted. She told reporters on Tuesday, May 5, moments after her son was discharged from hospital that she wants the Officer to be charged and prosecuted without favor.

Griffith was allegedly dragged from his mother’s East La Penitence home on the night of April 30 and shot in the mouth by Cadet Franze Paul who claimed that the teen had witnessed the robbery of his female relative.

Paul has since been placed under close arrest pending the outcome of an investigation.

Franze Paul allegedly shot the 15 - year - old in his mouth.
Franze Paul allegedly shot the 15 – year – old in his mouth.

The teen’s mother is not happy with the manner in which investigations have been proceeding. According to her, there has be little communication between herself and investigators and questioned why the rank has not be charged.

“I would like to sit in front of the police that shot my son and ask him what is his reason, it didn’t call for that … I want to ask him face to face why did he shoot my child, why did he cruel my child?” Griffith said.

She also decried the Force’s response to her son’s medical situation, explaining that she is a single mother and has since been financially burdened.

“If my child in the next year starts to suffer with a brain damage what will they say, sorry? I could have had a dead child but God saved his life to show and teach others.”

She reiterated that her son saw no robbery as was claimed and said his claims can be supported. She was upset too with conflicting reports which quoted investigators as saying they had no statement from the child when one was in fact taken.

Shot teenager, Alex Griffith. [iNews' Photo]
Shot teenager, Alex Griffith. [iNews’ Photo]
Meanwhile, Social/Human Rights Activist Mark Benschop, who has represented the woman and her son’s interest, said he was also disappointed with the Force’s response.

He said of particular offence to the family was the Crime Chief, Leslie James stating that investigators will have to look at intention of the Officer at the time of the incident.

“The intent is clear, if you put a loaded gun in a child’s mouth and plays Russian roulette that the intention is that he wanted to shoot him, his intention was to kill.”

Benschop said if by tomorrow the Officer isn’t charged then the Crime Chief and Police Commissioner can expect a protest outside their offices.

“The Officer should have already been charge for attempted murder and inflicting grievous bodily harm… the family will not rest until there is justice.”

He believes there is an attempt to cover up the matter and said it is a gross human right violation and must never be tolerated.



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