Mother of one allegedly stabbed to death by Ex – Lover

Dead: Rajkumarie Persaud


By Leroy Smith

Dead: Rajkumarie Persaud
Dead: Rajkumarie Persaud

[] – Twenty – three – year old Rajkumarie Persaud, a mother of one, was this morning [Sunday, September 21] stabbed to death, allegedly by her ex – lover at lot 64 Hague, West Coast Demerara.

The suspect has been identified as 29 – year – old Sudesh Lakeram, known as Amit, who has since allegedly confessed to the crime to his employer. His employer has since turned him over to police. iNews understands that the suspect is a dental technician.

Relatives told iNews that the two shared a relationship for about eight months before separating and on Saturday the man returned to the woman’s Hauge home to beg for a second chance.

iNews understands that the couple had a misunderstanding this morning which led to the suspect stabbing the woman several times about her body in her one bedroom apartment, below her aunt’s house.

The suspect awaits a medical examination from doctors at the West Demerara Regional Hospital
The suspect awaits a medical examination from doctors at the West Demerara Regional Hospital

According to information received, the aunt heard screaming and upon investigating, she saw her niece lying in a pool of blood and the suspect managed to flee the scene to his employer’s house in Peters Hall, East Bank Demerara.


  1. Wow………Like Shelly said…….karma is a bitch. For the mother, you had wish death upon someone else, be care full what you wish for, really it actually backfire bitch. Pain, yea, it hurts.

  2. I am very sorry about this girl but karma is a bitch hope the mother learn from this being a nasty whore in the USA robbing people and living in people apt and don’t pay rent for months the people have to take her to court to get her out fighting with everyone and neighbors oh and her own son she left in an apt call the father to come get him cause she don’t have time to take care of him a 8 year old boy look like this family is a peice of garbage I won’t be surprised if the mother get it next

  3. the judiciary has yall killing with impunity. when u have dunces like dpp and magistrate like latchman dem . criminal defense lawyers making rings around these dunces who just can follow the law books..even that they cant since they are so dunce


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