Mother of four attempts suicide


suicide_speak_reach[] – A mother of four who hails from Somerset/Berks Village, Essequibo Coast attempted suicide last Thursday in an effort to end ongoing quarrels with her husband.

According to reports, the woman was desperate to end her life and took a bottle containing poison used for spraying and killing grass and consumed a mouthful.

At the time her children were said to be crying and holding on to her which forced her to quickly abort the attempt. iNews understands that she induced vomiting and drank water before visiting the hospital.

Her tongue, lips and internal parts of her mouth were damaged by the poison.

Relatives who later learnt of the suicide attempt said the mother should thank God for saving her life and should find herself in a God fearing church.




  1. no amount of cathy hughes talking trash cant stop this thing..those who come to make money by selling their books about their past bad experience with their man..they will never tell you that most of them hitched with the bad man coz he had big house and fancy car and does treat her to mmmm mmmmm good dinners…then when they find out the man fat fowling another lady they does want kill demself but some ah dem does run and try to sell books..


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