Mother of 9 remanded on break and enter charge

Shonette Gonsalves Sabola leaving the court on Thursday

A 40-year-old woman was on Thursday remanded to prison by Senior Magistrate Alex Moore when she appeared in a New Amsterdam court to answer to a break and enter charge.

Shonette Gonsalves Sabola, of Lot 82 Savannah Park Housing Scheme, New Amsterdam, is  accused of breaking into the dwelling of Daphney Pitt-Joseph and stealing a quantity of jewellery, a bag containing several documents, one five-pound tin of milk, one box of biscuits, a pair of slippers and $65,000.

The incident is alleged to have been committed on December 10, at Pitt-Joseph’s Lot 43 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam home.

Shonette Gonsalves Sabola leaving the court on Thursday

The mother of nine told the court that she was a domestic worker and worked part time as a cook. “I did not do it,” she informed the Court.

Police Prosecutor, Inspector Bernard Brown asked for bail to be refused on the basis that there were other charges before the court involving the defendant.

He said most of the articles were discovered hidden in a suitcase at the defendant’s home. In addition, the court was told that at the time of her arrest, Sabola was wearing the pair of slippers that was removed from the house.

It is on the day in question, an unknown number of persons entered the home and removed the above listed items along with two passports and the house keys.

Pitt-Joseph explained that she came into the country to bury her son and that the crime was committed while she was asleep.

“I does work around the clock; I have a son … I don’t do dem thing dah,” Sabola told the court. She begged the Magistrate not to remand her, claiming that she has to collect her son who was in the Berbice River.

“If I send a message to him that I sick, he will come and I will call the Police to come and catch him,” she said apparently in reference to her son who was suspected of being involved in the crime.

However, Brown rebutted Sabola’s claim, telling the court that the defendant has not been cooperating with the Police.

“She hides her son and allows him to go out and do bad things at nights. She told the Police that she did not know where he is and that she has not seen him for the past two weeks,” he related.

“I have three young children to look after,” the woman cried.  She was, nevertheless, remanded until January 14, 2019 when the Police are expected to give a report on the investigation.




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