Mother of 9 dies while awaiting treatment at GPHC …investigation launched


A 40-year-old mother of nine is now dead and the father of her children is casting blame on the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), decrying its negligence.

According to Maxwell John, he is devastated over the death of his wife, Acola Wayne. He said her death could have been prevented if hospital officials had attended to her properly.

Acola Wayne
Acola Wayne

Wayne, of Lot 247 Melanie Public Road, East Coast Demerara, visited the hospital on Monday.

According to John, she had sustained a broken leg just about a week prior and had visited the hospital. Her leg was put in a cast, but she was informed that she would need to have surgery done.

He said she was told to return on Monday. When she returned, she was given a date for the surgery and sent home. “… she returned on the date given, but they sent her home. Yesterday (Monday) she was given a date to have the surgery done,” John said.

However, as she was returning home in a taxi, the driver noticed that the woman, who had a history of hypertension and diabetes, was becoming worse and took her back to the hospital. According to John, Wayne had visited the hospital three times that day and it was on the third visit while awaiting attention in the emergency area, she succumbed.

He said the taxi driver on the third trip had insisted that she be seen by a doctor. He said there has been no official word from the Hospital.

“I think it is neglect and malpractice. You can’t give somebody who is a diabetic and pressure case and a broken foot and give them another date. Three times she went there, three times, that is neglect,” he said in tears.

John said his wife died in the emergency section of the Hospital, and opined that she was “almost dead on the third visit”. “She was very young, very young. Didn’t live half of her life,” he lamented.

The GPHC has since announced that an immediate investigation has been launched into the matter.

Wayne leaves to mourn John and her nine children, the youngest just seven years old.


  1. Very sad indeed. I suggest you ask to have an emergency meeting with the President and find out what is going on in thst country. It’s going to get worse.

  2. Same thing they did to my mother.she went in to do some test and she died while there.walked in strong and came out in a body bag.when asked to release the patient to go private they refused and came up with an excuse that doctors have to discharge when she was never admitted


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