Mother of 5 at her wits’ end over abusive, “acid attacking” ex-husband


…says she made multiple Police reports but “they never take my words”

A mother of five is at her wits’ end and calling on the local authorities for justice after allegedly enduring years of domestic abuse, threats to her life, and most recently rape and an acid attack by her 56-year-old ex-reputed husband at the “D” Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown home they shared.

Lavern Newton

45-year-old Lavern Newton spoke to INews on Thursday and explained that she had been in a relationship with her now ex-husband, for approximately 25 years. She said that for the past 10 years, however, they have separated temporarily on many occasions, but she would always return because of his alleged threats to end her life.

Newton noted that after all the years of being abused, she made several reports against her ex at the Kitty Police Station, the Prashad Nagar Police Station, the Sparendaam Police Station, and most recently at the Sophia Police Station. However, the mother of five said that these reports have proved futile as no action has ever been taken against the accused.

“Many times when I go mek the report, the police would call he, not to arrest he or nothing, but for him to come for me. I make a set a reports and nothing. They never take my words,” Newton told this online publication.

On previous occasions, the man has been accused of lashing Newton across the face with a Guinness bottle and beating her with other weapons.

The Sophia resident explained that the they have been separated for approximately three months now, but since then, her ex-husband would allegedly call often to leave threats or show up abruptly to have unconsented sex with her, in most cases, in front of her children.

INews understands that Newton has three children –ages 12, eight and six- with the accused and two others –ages 27 and 16- from a previous relationship.

The woman alleged that on Friday last, she was raped her in front of her 16-year-old and her ex attempted to repeat the act in the presence of her 27-year-old.

“He rape me infront of my 16-year-old and then later in the night when my big son come home from work, he [son] lie down in the living room area and he [ex-husband] thought he sleeping and was going to rape me in front of my big son but I fight he off and…tek the hot water that I had on the stove, because I was going to make macaroni, and I throw the water on he,” Newton explained.

This reportedly caused the 56-year-old man to leave the house again, but he reportedly continued to make phone calls to threaten the woman.

Newton further told this publication that her most recent encounter with her ex was on Sunday last when he allegedly attempted to throw acid on her face.

Newton displaying the damage the acid- which she said was meant for her face-caused to her legs

“He went by the neighbour opposite by my house and when I went coming home from work, I see somebody running out the yard. When I realise is he, he throw the acid on me but I run, so it only catch the back of my foot them,” the mother of five said.

When INews made contact with acting “C” Division Commander, Stephen Mansel he explained that he is aware that a report was made but he is in the process of briefing himself on the issue. (Ramona Luthi)


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