Mother of 4 brutally raped in Essequibo

The woman's neck is swollen and bruised.


The woman's neck is swollen and bruised.
The woman’s neck is swollen and bruised.

[] – A 31 – year – old mother of four is alleging that she was dragged from her Essequibo Coast home and brutally raped in the bushes around 02:00hrs on Monday, September 29.

During an interview with iNews, the badly brutalized and injured woman said she was sleeping with her young baby in the front room of her two bedroom flat concrete house when she was attacked by a man whom she described as short and dark with a low hair cut.

The woman said she awoke and found the man lifting her off the bed. The woman said she screamed and tried to fight her attacker but he dealt her several cuffs in the face.

She said her two young sons were awaken by her screams and ran behind the man hitting him with pieces of wood.

According to the traumatized mother, the man choked her and hit her two sons and then dragged her by her hair through barbed wires to the back of the yard.

The location where the rape occurred.
The location where the rape occurred.

She received several cuts to her back and legs and lost consciousness. The woman regained consciousness and found herself naked, unable to move due to terrible pain.

She was rescued by neighbours, who formed a search party for her after her two sons alerted them. A police report has since been filed.

The woman’s husband was at sea fishing at the time of the incident. Meanwhile, several angry residents of the area said the Police needs to do more in capturing the rapist.

They alleged that several women in the community were raped in the past months. According to one resident, the rapist is targeting women who are defenseless and whose husbands work in the night.

iNews understands that recently, a widow who operates a Beer Garden was brutally raped and robbed in the same area.


  1. hu is dis Gary u referring to? learn to bunham teach u wrong ha ha ha your pnc police more deadly than that of some criminals..come here on the ground and talk the the people..stop being a foolish fool while u ahead

  2. better yet u said it lets get the war takns to fight these low life …u cant differentiate the diff between legal weapons and illegal stop..u r a waste…

  3. He need to be hang to death, what’s the use of putting him in prison. The government should bring back that law.

  4. It’s a pity the neighbours didn’t hear her screams before she was raped. However, the rapist has to be caught and dealt with.

  5. put him away?….hard labor?….no chance….find this dirt and beat him senseless….a better punishment than living in jail and sponging off tax payers money.

  6. Gary how about giving all the people like you war tanks and GPMG,s yall got so much guns and still the bull s,,,,it going on having the guns and using then at the right time is what is the problem ,,,you guys only use them when u drunk on ua family and naba

  7. Gary are you saying to give every citizen a high powered weapon? Are you sure what you saying some of us pay taxes and we have a police force at lease i think so

  8. I do hope when and if he is caught what ever his faith is weather by the police or the people we do not get crys fro justice, any man who rape should be shot on sight
    I think this should be zero tolerance on such crimes

  9. if most of the residents were trained in high power weapon use and were fully armed with high power weaponry rapes like this wont happen and those who enter these villages to carry out robberies will not happen.rohee must act with changing need to ask pnc police for protection any longer..people must be allowed to defend self family n property

  10. sounds like a serial rapist is on the prowl.
    This dirtbag needed to be caught and put away.
    The citizen of this village needed to band together and supply any leads to the police.
    In the meantime organize a group to watch the neighbourhood.


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