Mother of 3-year-old who was sexually assaulted to be charged with child neglect – source


The mother of the three-year-old girl who was discovered to have been sexually molested in Corriverton, Berbice, on Sunday, is expected to soon be charged with child neglect.

At present she is still in police custody along with the child’s teenage brother and the mother’s ‘boyfriend’.

INews understands that the Child Protection Agency is working closely with the police in that Division to ensure that the child receives justice. A source told earlier today that the child will more than likely be relocated to a relative’s residence where she will be safe and taken care of.

stop child abuseMeanwhile, the three-year-old who was bleeding profusely from her vagina is still hospitalised in Berbice. According to a senior police source close to the investigations, the child’s mother is a known alcoholic and on the day in question she was reportedly highly intoxicated.

This would have resulted in the child being left unattended at different intervals, and by extension being sexually molested since her mother was not capable of supervising her to the best of her abilities, the officer said.

“Indeed she regularly consumes a lot of alcohol and this may have contributed to the child being sexually assaulted. Now the problem is she (the mother) can’t say it is who that could have or would have hurt her baby in that way although the act was committed while everyone was in one room together. This mother has three children inclusive of the three-year-old and the father is a fisherman out somewhere but because of her lifestyle he never really is around,” the policeman stated.

Investigations into the matter are ongoing.




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