Mother not confident in Police’s ability to conduct fair inquest into son’s death



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Dead: Adrian Bishop
Dead: Adrian Bishop

[] –The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has recommended that an inquest be held into the death of 28 – year – old Adrian Bishop who was shot and killed by a policeman in Albouystown, Georgetown on September 20, 2014.

However, Bishop’s mother, Adrane Benjamin has expressed a lack of confidence in the Guyana Police Force to conduct a fair and professional investigation into her son’s death.

The Force is claiming that he was shot during a struggle with the police officer; however residents are claiming that Bishop did not resist the Officer.

According to residents, Bishop had told the Officers that he is not going to the Police Station even though he was already in the police vehicle. He was arrested for allegedly assaulting his ex – girlfriend, who is also a police officer.

Eyewitnesses had told iNews that the police officer “cranked” his weapon and shot Bishop in the neck, after which he allegedly dropped the gun and exclaimed, “Oh Sh*t! I didn’t know the gun would go off.”

Bishop was a known character to the Police and was charged on September 05, 2014 with the offence of robbery. He was placed on $100,000 bail by the Chief Magistrate

His mother, during a telephone interview with iNews today (Wednesday, January 07), noted that the inquest has not begun and she is unaware of any aspect of this matter by the police.

“Honestly speaking, I don’t feel too please because number one, this inquest taking too long because I see a lot of people get their death and I didn’t see nothing come out of it and this look like nothing won’t come out either…I am not confident in them [Police] at all because I know how they move,” Benjamin said.

She further noted that she was not officially informed about the inquest.

“Nobody never notify me, nobody never offer me an apology, nobody never even come to me, I never see nobody from the time of my son’s death I never see nobody.”

Benjamin says she wants justice for her son’s death.

“I want justice because that was brutal, my son was murdered you know it’s not like he did anything then, he had a bad character which I had no knowledge but then that is death you can’t take people’s life and murder them. Fine you arrest a man you gotta take that man and know that he is innocent until proven guilty.”

The Police account of the incident stated that while being transported to the police station, Bishop held onto a policeman who was armed with a shotgun and a struggle ensued during which he was shot to his neck.




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