Mother, child poisoning: Husband claims wife had threatened to kill self, baby before


The husband of the woman, who is reported to have ingested poison and then fed some to her year-old child, is denying that the couple had had a misunderstanding prior to the incident. However, the girl’s mother is accusing the husband; the baby’s father, of being responsible for the incident.

Reports are that on Saturday morning, 19-year-old Roshanie Ramlakhan of Number 58 Village, Corentyne was picked up in a semi-conscious state next to a bus shed at Number 61 Village, with her  infant child standing next to her.

She claimed she had ingested a poisonous substance, and had given some to her baby to drink.

According to reports, the woman and her 23-year-old husband had had an argument earlier in the day, and she had left the house and had taken the child with her.

Roshanie’s mother, Kaowala Thakurdyal, told INews that her daughter confirmed that she had ingested poison, but has refused to give a reason for so doing. Thakurdyal said relatives told her that the couple had had an argument earlier in the day.

Roshanie’s 23-year-old husband, Dinish Singh, has however denied those allegations.

“We never had no argument at the said time! It was the day before we had a lil argument, but everything was alright. The next day me and she talk and gaff. The night when I go home, everything was good,” he explained.

His mother-in-law has said that this was not the case. She also said that since the couple got married eighteen months ago, they have been experiencing marital problems.

Singh is claiming that during the latter half of last year, his wife had threatened to take her own life and that of the infant’s.

While the reason for the woman’s actions cannot be confirmed, doctors have said that both mother and child are considered to be in stable condition.


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