Mother and ‘abducted’ children believed to be in Guyana


[]Trinidad Express – Three days after Marvin Roach told his exclusive story to the Express and TV6 News about his children allegedly being taken away, by a woman he shared a close relationship with to Syria with her husband, officials of the Ministry of National Security have got involved in the case.

Roach’s two children —14-year-old Qadirah and ten-year-old Muhammad—were reportedly taken by his ex-wife on November 21 for the weekend as part of the legal custody agreement.

Roach has official custody of both children who reside with him at his San Juan home.

Roach later found out with the help of law enforcement authorities that the two children boarded a midnight flight to Guyana with a woman on November 21, although he was in possession of their legitimate passports.

Roach told the Express yesterday that following the publication of the story, officials from the Ministry of National Security visited him yesterday and took information.

“I am just hoping for the best and things to work out,” said Roach.
The Express was also contacted by the Civil Child Abduction Authority in the Office of the Attorney General who indicated they will be contacting Roach to assist him in locating his children and having them returned to him.

An official from the Attorney General’s office indicated that The Hague Convention on the civil aspects of International Child Abduction (the Convention) is a multilateral treaty developed in 1980 by the Hague Convention on private international law that provides expeditious methods to return a child taken from one member nation to another.

Trinidad and Tobago became a party to the convention in 2000.
The convention was then incorporated into Trinidad and Tobago’s domestic law via the International Child Abduction Act 2008.



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