Most of you are acting as if COVID-19 cannot touch you – health officials

Dr Ertenisa Hamilton

Health officials are continuing to plead with Guyanese, especially men, to follow the COVID-19 guidelines and measures. The number of positive cases in the country stands at 125.

“You and I know the high value we place on our families in Guyana and the pleasure we derive from the welcoming and comfortable arms of our loved ones. So, it begs this question which I am addressing directly to the male: Why then would you deliberately want to jeopardise the life of your family members, put them at unnecessary risk by contracting the coronavirus disease because of your reckless behavior. Most of you are acting as if COVID-19 cannot touch you, that you are beyond its reach and that the health guidelines are a waste of time,” Dr. Ertenisa Hamilton, Director of Primary Health Care Services said.

“I know many of you are macho and perhaps think that wearing a mask makes you seem less of a man, but there are times when you must put that pride aside and exercise wise judgement,” Dr Hamilton said.

“This is the time, because COVID-19 is a silent killer and complying with the control measures is of paramount importance if your family is to be safe.”

She reminded that the ratio of males to females positively confirmed with the disease is significantly higher; today it is 71:54. Additionally, she noted that 8 out of the ten deaths in Guyana are males.

“So, my dear males I am sure that you want to be around to hug and kiss your loved ones at home rather than be six feet under the ground in a cemetery somewhere. COVID-19 will mash you up and break up that same home circle in which you find comfort. So, don’t wear the mask on your chins, don’t sit way up under your friend, give him some space; physical distancing is a must and get off the streets before 6pm,” she posited.