Moses Nagamootoo for President – PPP threatens to expose his closet of skeletons

AFC MP, Moses Nagamootoo.
AFC MP, Moses Nagamootoo.

[] – General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C), Clement Rohee believes Former PPP/C Member of Parliament Moses Nagamootoo is a bad choice for the Alliance for Change (AFC) as a Presidential candidate but says it could work in his Party’s favor.

When asked if his Party was worried that Nagamootoo was nominated to lead the AFC into the next general elections, Rohee said “I’m not worried at all, actually it will help us.”

Rohee says his former colleague, who has long had presidential aspirations, has too many skeletons in his closet to be successful as a Presidential candidate.

“We have so much on Nagamootoo,” Rohee said; adding that “he has so much skeletons in his closet… some have been disclosed but there is so much more to be disclosed… so keep your powder dry and use it at the right time.”

He said some of the “skeletons” were there while Nagamootoo was a member of the PPP/C; adding that more has accumulated after he left.

AFC chairman Nigel Hughes, who was nominated as the Party’s Prime Ministerial candidate, has endorsed Nagamootoo to be the Presidential candidate.

The two were nominated by AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan.

The AFC will formally identify and elect its team during its congress next month as it prepares for the advent of general elections; possibly ahead of its 2016 due date.

Already, persons can be seen campaigning for Nagamootoo on several social mediums.

Meanwhile, Rohee told reporters that the PPP/C has not selected its presidential candidate for the next elections.

Asked whether he was eyeing the position, Rohee said “when that comes we will talk.”




  1. All it will do is to show that the PPP is as nasty as any other party in Guyana. If Rohee think that Naggas aint got dutty story about them, then he really dunce.


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